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1984 a group of people both filipinos and expats had the idea to build a ferry for passengers only, which did not exist at that time, to construct and provide a service between Batangas pier and Puerto Galera w/c is located on the northern tip of Mindoro for domestic and international guests.

The construction of Si-kat 1 was started. And in 1985, it was finished and was immediately ready for operation.

Often passengers asked our employees from Si-kat ferry if we made a mistake in the spelling of the name of the ferry because in english it would be SEA KAT but what we used was SI-KAT. Employees of Si-kat were happy and proud to explain that the word Si-kat comes from the Philippine-Tagalog language and it has many meanings like sunrise, strength, success, popular or famous. Those words are being called Si-kat and we are happy to have this name w/c we believe brought a lot of luck to this company. The idea to choose this name came from filipina lady who is married to one of the shareholders and a constructor of SI-KAT ferry I.

In the beginning it was difficult and only few believed that this will succeed and that there is a need of a service between Batangas Pier and Puerto Galera as a ferry w/out cargo and only for tourists. A few months after the start of this service the company had been faithful in the situation and all those involved in this project agreed that it was a failure, even myself where i financially help to one of the owners of the ferry boat start doubting of the success for this project.

In 1986, the time came where Si-kat stopped operating but after weeks of careful analysis about the failure, Richard Jele came up with a solution and asked to arrange a meeting w/ all the shareholders and owners at the Encenada Beach Resort in Puerto Galera. In the meeting, Mr. Jele presented a proposal for a new start and beginning to operate SI-KAT I.  He offered his full support, time and own expense. He was ready to face the consequence of this decision. The majority decided to let him handle and manage the company and agreed w/ Jele's proposal to have all the investment back including interest w/in 2 yrs. The permanent owners also agreed to let Jele operate under his own conditions. Jele would then become the company's president and at the same time, its manager. The permanent shareholders of the company agreed to give support and advertise for all the necessary preparations for a new beginning. After the meeting, Jele transferred from Mindoro to Manila and prepared for 2 months of careful planning in time for the company's re-launching. One of the keys of its success was to provide a service out of manila and Jele was able to contact JAM TRANSIT and had an arrangement with engr. Homer to accept Si-kat's passengers to their service and brought daily the bus to formerly Mabuhay Hotel where Si-kat's office was located and it became successful for a new start. The company wants to thank engr. Homer for all the support he has given. Within 6 months of service from Manila to Puerto Galera and vice versa Si-kat became well known for th our safe and reliable service.

In 1989, Si-kat replaced SI-KAT I in exchange for SI-KAT II for a faster and more convenient ferry w/c had the capacity of 196 passengers. The ferry interior was designed like a restaurant w/ a bar and kitchen. Si-kat was by that time until this time recognized by the local government of Puerto Galera for a welcome service and had full support from Marina Industry, Department of Tourism and PPA Philippine Port Authority - Batangas and we want to say thank you to the Phil government. Si-kat II was in service until 2002 only and started to provide the same service w/ the coordination of the local ferries. Up to now Si-kat company still providing the ferry and bus service out of manila using our own Si-kat bus w/c we believe that will provide a safe and helpful service to its domestic and international guests. Si-kat is very proud to say that ever since Si-kat started and up to this day,  no passenger has ever been hurt in the bus or in the ferry. Si-kat ferrybus company wants to thank all those persons involved in Si-kat and most of all we want to say thank you to all the passengers for trusting, supporting and patronizing Si-kat. So if its good quality ferrybus service you are looking for, Si-kat ferrybus company is the right choice.